500,000 THOUSAND All-Time Views, Thank You!

Since 2014, I have been blogging here on the MLB.com Blogs page. I wanted MetsPlus, or, Pepper Mets Blog at the time, to be something I do whenever I have the time to blog, and to be something fun that I can share with my family and friends, and to be able to look back at it when I’m older. Now, as we surpass half a million all-time individual viewers, I want to personally say thank you for making this blog something I never thought it would ever come close to becoming.


Even if you’ve only read once, twice, or are a frequent reader, you’ve been one of those 500,000 viewers that have clicked on one of my posts, something I still can’t wrap my head around. There have been a lot of people that have helped me get to the place that I am at today, even through small replies on Twitter and stuff like that, but I would like to publicly acknowledge & thank them now for the assistance over the years.

Branden Wellington – For being the first Mets interview I’ve ever conducted, and being so nice throughout the process.

John Thorne – For giving me guiding advice through MLBlogs as Major League Baseball’s lead historian.

Matthew Cerrone- For always being one email away, and answering any question I had, no matter how many there were.

Joe D. from MetsMerized – For answering my emails whenever I had a question, mentoring my progress, and allowing me to occasionally post links to my blog posts on his comments section when my blog was considerably younger and un-heard of.

Michael Baron – For answering my questions on Social Media whenever I asked them.

The Guys from the “Maximus & da Bartender Show” – My blog viewership numbers always rose dramatically whenever I was on the show, and the chemistry between the two has always been great.

Matt Nadel and Matt Eisner – For being other kid bloggers I could reach out to at a moments notice.

Shannon Shark and Keith Blacknick from MetsPolice.com – For re-tweeting whatever nonsense I wanted to complain about during my gameday experience.

Pablo, Borja and Ben – For being a part of the original blog, which lead to one thing which lead to another, which was Mets Plus

Darren from The7Line – I’m a fond believer in being able to write when you have momentum, and I definitely believe in writer’s block, and having a nice comfortable t-shirt on with a great Mets design has given me plenty of motivation.

Jim Gemma, Billy Harner, Michael Polak, Paul Herrmann, Jim Weed, Kevin Fitzgerald – And anyone else who was nice enough to provide me with a press credential to any MiLB or MLB event.

And of course, Family and Friends – Who will remain anonymous, but will receive great credit and a big thank you in person.


I know that 500,000 might sound like a lot to some, or chump change to many with the massive readership that many blogs bring in around Mets-land, but half a million views is a lot to me, and I can’t thank you enough!



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