September 8th, 2016

Obligatory Blog Post about how the Mets signed Tim Tebow


I really don’t want to talk about Tim Tebow. I don’t know much about the guy other than he was a major success with the Broncos, lost his QB spot to Peyton Manning, signed with the Jets, Patriots, and hosted some TV shows.

However, since every other Mets blog and New York news outlet has an article posted with the same image of Tim Tebow, with the Adidas cap and navy blue shirt, I thought I might as well add my two cents, if it’s even worth that.

Yes, it’s a move to sell tickets, but is that wrong? Think about it, why did the Marlins sign Giancarlo Stanton? Why did the Mets lock up David Wright? Yes, to improve the team, but signing players, no matter if he is a journeyman or a star, is to make the team, which is a business, better. And better business’ (or teams) get better profit (or better attendance). If Tim Tebow can play, why not sign him? Since when is trying to get more people in the ballpark a bad thing? It’s considerably better than a promotion, which is an off-field gimmick (for the most part). This is an actual player that comes with a lot of baggage, and baggage gets people out to the ballpark.

Think about this, it’s April 15th in Columbia, South Carolina. What would be an attendance of 850 people, is now a packed stadium of 9,077 anxious spectators, that are actually watching the game, not sticking around for the postgame fireworks, to see a player they want to see take the field. Hotels, dining at the ballpark at appeal would all increase in any city the Tebow Baseball roadshow hits, and it costs the Mets next to nothing, so why not?