#ThePlusInMetsPlus with MLB.com’s Michael Baron

Mets Plus

For today’s installment of “The Plus In Mets Plus”, we have a writer that has truly become a fan favorite. Michael Baron, formally of JustMets.net and MetsBlog.com, has been on the Mets scene for a while now, and today he was kind enough to join us to answer some of our pressing questions.


  1. First off, can you give us a brief synopsis of who you are in case someone doesn’t know?

Until 2016, I covered and wrote about the Mets for both SNY.TV and MLB.com. I have written an endless number of features, conducted countless interviews and Q&As with players, coaches and front office personnel, and provided analysis for news and events surrounding the team during that time. In addition to written content, I have produced digital content both photographically and in video, live blogging in both content sets at times over the years.


  1. While the Mets aren’t in…

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