Zack Wheeler shut down for the remainder of the season


Anyone else starting to forget that this guy is a Met? Wheeler has been removed from major league play for a while now, since early September of 2014, and he’s faced injury after injury after injury.

According to, Zack Wheeler is done for the season,  according to Terry Collins who told reporters on Saturday at Citi Field.

“We started out the year very confident that in July he’d be back,” manager Terry Collins said in August. “As the summer proceeded on, he just never felt comfortable, never felt comfortable, especially in the last month where every time it seemed like he got on the mound, all of a sudden there was discomfort. We realized that this may not be what we thought was going to happen. We’re very disappointed.” (

We did get to see Wheeler play in St.Lucie for the single-a team in August, but things quickly went down hill from there, and now all of the focus is centered around 2017.



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