Lucas Duda might return for the Postseason, if the situation presents itself

Do you guys remember in 2013, when Allen Craig, rehabbing from an injury, came back to play as a DH in the World Series, after missing the majority of the summer and the first rounds of the Postseason? Well, the Mets are hoping that they have a similar scenario with Lucas Duda, a guy who hit 30 homeruns two years in a row.


According to Anthony DiComo of, Lucas Duda has not been shut down completely for the season, there still is, some, small, hope:

We will have to see if he will have enough time to rehab. The Minor League seasons are ending rapidly, and while it looks like the Mets will have some minor league teams in their postseason leagues, they will probably end before Duda will be ready to play games, which could relegate him to an organizational league, or, he could come right up for Major League action. We will see.


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