UniformLineup.com Mets May 2016 Uniform Recap

16-new-york-nl-mayIt’s been a long time since I’ve recapped our uniforms, so I’m going to try to catch up, now that UniformLineup.com is back up and running.

Here is a breakdown of the Mets May uniforms:

  • Home White Pinstripes: 8 games out of 15. (5-3 record) Paired with Primary cap.
  • Blue Home Alternate: 1 game out of 15. (0-1 record) Paired with Home Alt cap.
  • 1986 Throwback Alternate: 5 games out of 15 (2-3 record) Paired with throwback cap.
  • Road Grey: 13 games out of 14 (5 -8 record) paired with Primary cap.
  • Road Blue Alternate: 0 games out of 14 (NOT WORN) paired with road alternate cap.
  • **Special** Mothers Day Road: 1 game out of 14 (1-0 record)
  • **Special** Memorial Day Home: 1 game out of 15 (1-0 record)  

    And here is a breakdown of the Mets May Caps:

    • Primary Mets cap: 21 games out of 29 (10-11 record)
    • Road Alternate cap: 0 games out of 29 (NOT WORN)
    • Home Alternate cap: 1 game out of 29 (0-1 record)
    • Original Mets Throwback cap: 5 games out of 22 (2-3 record)
    • Special Caps 2 games out of 29 (2-0 record)


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