The 2016 Mets bore me. Seriously.


The title says it all. I’m bored watching this team. I don’t know why, but these Mets don’t feel like “the Mets”.

On my last post I talked about how the lineup has gone through a complete turnover since last year. Here is an excerpt from that article:

Next, let’s look at the lineup. Last year d’Arnaud, Duda, Murphy, Flores, Wright, Cespedes, Lagares or Conforto and Granderson, a very “Met” team, were the players we put on the field. Today, besides d’Arnaud, Granderson and Flores, guys like James Loney, Neil Walker, Asdrubal Cabrera, T.J Rivera, Ty Kelly, Justin Ruggiano, Alejandro De Aza and other newbies comprise the team, and there is an overall lack of team chemistry.

And it’s very true, there is no chemistry, and for me, as a viewer, I have no connection to any of these guys. None of these guys, with the exception of Grandy and Flores, are players I love seeing succeed. That doesn’t mean I actively root against Alejandro De Aza when he comes to bat, but, for lack of a better term, there is nothing tangible about these guys.

These players look like MLB players in orange and blue, not Mets players that I want to watch play every single day.

And that doesn’t mean every player has to be homegrown or have a lot of history with us, when Juan Uribe came over last year, I immediately felt like he was a genuinely likable guy, that I got excited for every time he came to the plate.

While having better team chemistry wouldn’t necessarily catapult us to the top of the standings, it would allow for the fanbase to get behind their players. Lately, at least for me, I feel like watching this team isn’t fun, and it’s not enjoyable, even when they win. That’s something I’ve never experienced in my time as a Mets fan.

Hopefully things get better in the future.


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