Are the Mets eliminated from the Division Race?


It’s been a weird season for the New York Mets. Thing is, that always seems to be the case with the team around this time of year. Last week, Michael Baron was here, and we discussed how the Mets are at a crossroads period of their season. Today, August 5th, the Mets stand eight games behind first place Washington, and are one game behind second place Miami and St.Louis for that second wild card.

The question is, should we be hoping for the second wild card, or can we hope for more?

In my eyes, we can still try to clinch the NL East title, but it would require winning at least 5 out of the 6 games that the Mets and Nationals play face-to-face. While that might sound a little drastic with two months left to go in the season, I don’t think the Mets are going to be able to go on a huge run like they did last August, and I don’t think the Nationals (despite not having all their ducks in a row) are going to collapse anytime soon.

However, eight games are more than doable. There are eight and a half weeks remaining in the regular season, so if the Mets just move up by one game in each of those eight weeks (with hopefully a few more wins on the head-to-head matchups), the Mets will be on top of the NL East.

Unfortunately, everything that has happened the last few weeks has seemed to make it feel like the opposite will happen, and the Nats will be up eighteen games by seasons end.



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