Want to win a free Mike Piazza commemorative program?


Last weekend during the Rockies-Mets series, the Mets sold limited edition Mike Piazza “Mets Magazines” and sold them and limited outlets. While these are no longer available in store and are selling for prices around $50 dollars on EBay, I was able to get an extra copy from the July 30th game, and I’m going to give away a free copy tomorrow!


To win, please Retweet this tweet below:

Additionally, winners must meet the following terms & conditions listed below:

Winner must live in the Continental United States (or Canada with a substantially longer shipping time).

– To be in the drawing, the winner must RT the specific tweet from @NikoMetsPlus, and the Twitter handle selected must follow @NikoMetsPlus.

– Winner must not re-sell. (While I can’t stop that, I’d appreciate it)

– Winner must be willing to provide their shipping address, or a valid meeting place (and time) in Citi Field during an upcoming Mets game.


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