MetsPlus360: Mike Piazza’s Reception at the Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown,NY

Today on, we have a brand new feature for MetsPlus, “MetsPlus360”. Basically, “MetsPlus360” is a review style post, where I give a report on something I experienced.

For the inaugural MetsPlus360, I’d like to share my story of Mike Piazza’s reception last Saturday at the Farmer’s Museum, in Cooperstown, New York.

After the Hall Of Fame Parade, where many of the game’s legends strolled down Main Street in fancy Ford trucks, Mike Piazza and other Mets alumni, family and friends made their way to the Farmer’s Museum. At first it was a little awkward. A farmer’s museum doesn’t seem like the first place to hold a formal gathering, but the reception area was very nice and professional, and it was lit with dangling lightbulbs, like one can find throughout the Excelsior Level and on the Coca-Cola Corner at Citi Field.

There were plenty of food options in the reception area, which was breaker into two areas, inside and outside. Inside, there was a full service bar, light finger foods and an Ice Cream station that opened up 90 minutes prior to the events end.

Outside, there were a few more food stations. My personal favorite was a Pulled Pork Sandwich station (I had two… or three), a hamburger station, a taco stand, another station with miscellaneous comfort food items, and I slightly smaller full service bar.

After we got settled in, a few of the high-profile guests arrived. Ex-Mets Al Lieter, Tom Glavine and Cliff Floyd all were present. Additionally, Mets owners Fred and Jeff Wilpon attended the event, to give Mr.Piazza a very special gift

Once the dust settled, I went over to Piazza to introduce myself and ask for a photo. He happily obliged, and while this isn’t surprising news to anyone, Mike had no objections to taking any photos, and was admirably gracious to anyone and everyone who asked for one. Here’s me with Mike:

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.33.30 PM.png

Of course, there we a few other high-rollers that attended the event shortly after Piazza’s arrival. Tommy LaSorda and Joe Torre, two Baseball legends, strolled in fashionably late, and while I didn’t take any pictures with them, they were very humble.

One of the most important attendees was Major League Baseball’s commissioner, Robert Manfred, who had no objections to my photo request.

me and the manfred farmers16-7-24.jpg

Finally, before leaving, Mike Piazza pendants and caps were handed out, which was a nice touch. Ultimately, this was an amazing event that I probably had no business being at, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

A heart felt thanks to Mike and Alicia Piazza for the generous invitation both to the induction ceremony and the Farmers Museum reception.

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