July 25th, 2016

What kind of Blog Content do you prefer?

I’m still very un-sure what I want for the future of MetsPlus. I mentioned earlier that I wanted to integrate some non-Mets articles into the site, but still keep the core focus of the blog on the Mets.

For the most part, that is what I have done, but there is still a lot of un-published content that is sitting on the shelf (some Mets, some not Mets), and there is a lot of published content that isn’t really great stuff. Now, I’m going to reveal my upcoming plan for MetsPlus.com and what a viewer coming to this site is going to expect:


1) Until the End of the Postseason/Season – No changes, at least for now. The offseason is a great time to re-evaluate, and I’m going to need all of it to figure out how I’m going to re-energize MetsPlus.

2) Late Oct until Early Dec – Site goes down for “Renovation”. Yes, it’s just a website, but I want my website to look strong and professional. Instead of having a pedestrian appearance, MetsPlus will temporarily be “closed” per se, until it’s re-launched in early December (or earlier, hopefully).

3) Early Dec- Relaunch with the Winter Meetings. This year, I’m hoping to attend the annual Winter Meetings, this year held in the Nation’s Capital. The Winter Meetings would be a great spring board for MetsPlus, and I’m targeting that week as the re-launch date.

4) 2017 and beyond – New Content on a New Platform? I certainly want to create new content revolving around my daily interests, but to be honest, while most of them are Mets related, a good amount of them aren’t, and MLB.com is not the best platform for that. While that doesn’t mean I plan to leave, I disagree with some of MLB.com’s marketing tactics, and I’m not too fond of the un-controlable advertisements that come up on the side of my website.

Thank you for your understanding and continued readership.