Proper Hydration and Heat Advisory

The MLB Urban Youth Academy has been supporting youth Baseball for a while, and through their MLBlog at, they allow kids of all ages to read up and enjoy playing America’s greatest game.

Today, here are summer tips for playing Baseball in the heat:

Major League Baseball Urban Youth Academy - Compton, CA

Academy Parents and Members,

The Athletic Training Staff would like to alert you to the upcoming changes in weather for the upcoming week.  As you may have noticed on the local weather reports, we are beginning a heat wave in which the temperatures will be in the high 80’s to low 90’s.  This is a significant change from the past weeks.

We are taking this time to alert you to the possibility of dehydration and heat illness not only for the upcoming week, but for the remainder of the summer months.

To prevent any heat related illness due to dehydration, the athletic training staff is recommending that all members hydrate properly for all outdoor activities.  Proper hydration begins before you show up at the academy. For best results it is recommended that you increase fluid intake a day or two in advance of outdoor exercise. The best fluids to reduce…

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