David Wright to have surgery on neck. Timetable unknown


Tough news on David Wright today. According to multiple reports, David is going to have surgery on a herniated disk in his neck, and his surgery will be performed by Dr.Robert Watkins in California, the same surgeon that operated on former Mets reliever Bobby Parnell in 2014.

According to Wright and the team, “After trying every way to get back on the field, I’ve come to realize that it’s best for me, my teammates and the organization to proceed with surgery at this time.” 

“My neck simply did not respond to any of the treatments of the past few weeks. While incredibly frustrating and disappointing, I am determined to make a full recovery and get back on the field as soon as I can to help the Mets win. I greatly appreciate the support of my teammates and our fans throughout the last few weeks.”

First off, my thoughts go to David Wright and his family. It’s been a rough few years with off the field stuff. People love to whine about how he should retire and how he has enough money, exc. But David Wright brings more to the table than a 230 average. His chemistry in the clubhouse is undeniable, and he’s almost like a bench coach in-game when he’s on the dugout, and he’s the first to go over to the pitchers mound to pump up a struggling reliever.

Of course doing these things does not amount to the twenty million dollars he is owed this year, but we have to have his back through this injury. Obviously, this injury (and the other major injuries that have come up) have created a major gap in our infield depth, and we do need to find a solution at third base, but as a fanbase, I believe it’s important to support David Wright’s choice no matter what path he choses.

Whatever happens, let’s hope David Wright recovers soon. Even if I never get to see him play again as a Met due to a medical retirement, I’ll be in the stands when his number gets retired on the left field wall.



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