The Plus In Mets Plus Spring 2016 Review!

This Spring, we did had fun on Tuesday’s with “The Plus In Mets Plus”. From food, to Citi Perks, to the planes that fly over Citi Field to Game Shows.

Now, we look back at each of those posts and preview the Summer 2016 The Plus In Mets Plus!

April 19th: A little more about Citi Perks


The Plus In Mets Plus kicked off with a look at Citi Perks. A new way for Mets fans to enjoy the game with an elevated experience. Some of the new highlights of Citi Perks are cheaper food options and t-shirt tosses thanks to Citi Perks.

April 26th: How to travel with Zach Honig


As we transitioned from Citi Cardholder perks to Credit Cards, (and on a greater scale travel) Zach Honig joined Mets Plus to share his personal methods of traveling, and how a Mets fan can enjoy taking road trips to support the Orange & Blue. Additionally, Zach gave us his World Series prediction (sort of)…

May 3rd: The Game Show Reviewer


Double A scoreboard prodigy turned game show reviewer gave us a breakdown of the evolution of Game Shows. We struggled to find a concrete connection to Baseball, but this was a pretty fun interview that I have no regrets of doing.

May 10th: Aviation with the @AirlineFlyer


This is personally one of my favorite interviews that we conducted this Spring. From smart and witty responses to honest opinions, Jason Rabinowitz (aka the @AirlineFlyer) talked to Mets Plus about the latest in NYC Transportation. However, his baseball picks would not fly (no pun intended) in Queens.

May 25th: Culinary Citi, Part 1


From Fuku Burgers to Bacon on the Stick, I loved this review just for the food! This review all started with a Twitter poll that was conducted via my Twitter @NikoMetsPlus.

May 31st: Culinary Citi Part 2



The Plus in Mets Plus ended with Culinary Citi Part 2 in late May. In the second part, we ranked all of the new food options I tried and my food recommendations for a day at the game.

Next week, the Plus In Mets Plus returns for the Summer! First stop, uniforms, with some very special guests and interviews! 


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