MetsPlus FAQ’s for June 13th


The Mets just completed a rather disappointing road trip, where they lost a series in Pittsburgh and took two out of four in Milwaukee.

Here are my answers to some of the Mets fans biggest questions regarding this team:

Which injury is holding us back the most?

Probably Lucas Duda. Duda, while inconsistent, was able to hit with power and, if healthy, can hit around thirty home runs per season. Recently, stated that Duda was optimistic on his injury outlook, so hopefully he will be back sooner rather than later.

What’s your stance on David Wright? Should he retire?

Defiantly not, but of course that’s his decision. David Wright has a lot of money still left on the table, and we are committed to him for the next five seasons, which is a lot of time (and money). I think that we should prepare to covert him over to first base, where he will be more successful as he won’t have to make long throws across the diamond (which is a major weak spot in his game today).

Who is the Ace? deGrom, Harvey or Syndergaard?


Who should we trade for?

This is a question everyone is asking without any concrete answers. Personally, I like the idea of Juan Uribe. I know he is struggling, be we know he can hit in New York and he’s on a one-year deal for Cleveland. Additionally, the Mets need speed, and none of the injured guys will bring that when they come back. I personally would cut DeAza and bring up someone speedy, or potentially trade for Eric Young Jr. (for a third time).


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