The David Wright Dilemma

Tomorrow, with David Wright having to sit out 6-8 weeks, I will publish a post entitled The David Wright Dilemma part 2. For now, however, I invite you to read my opinion of David Wright in April, when spiral stenosis and a slump were the only two issues plaguing him.

Mets Plus


The most popular Met by far is David Wright. When you walk into Dick’s Sporting Goods or Sports Authority, the first Met shirt you see is David Wright. And, this is for good reason. He was a leader statistics wise (he owns practically every Mets offensive title), a leader in the community, and the actual captain of team.

Lately however, Wright has been struggling. Last year, it was the spinal stenosis. This year a back issue has set him back. And Wright, who only played in one week worth of Spring Training games, looked terrible both on the field and at the plate last night during Opening Night. Now, you can name any player ever to play the sport and I’ll be able to  show you one of their poorer games, but I can’t help but worry about Wright, who looks like he can’t throw across the diamond, and can’t catch…

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