June 2016

Mets Walk Up Songs for 2016

Nowadays, there is a lot more to a baseball game then just watching the game. Mid-inning games, expanded clubs and restaurants, and an expanded music selection has made the gameday experience considerably more enjoyable (to some) than a visit to the ballpark fifteen years ago.

If you are anything like me, though, one of the things that sticks with me for hours after I leave Citi Field is the walk up music that the players choose. While SoundHound and Shazam have made it easier to identify at bat or entrance music, it can sometimes be difficult with the crowd noise and the limited time the song plays. However, thanks to “SportsIntros” Youtube page, we now have a cumulative list of all the at bat songs of our favorite players.



List courtesy of “Operation Sports”:

At Bat
Cabrera: El Mario de Tu Mujer, by Secreto [4/8]
Campbell: Can’t You Hear Me Knocking, by The Rolling Stones [4/8-4/30]
Céspedes: Hasta Que se Seque el Malecon, by Jacob Forever [4/8-4/30]
Colón: Conteo, by Don Omar [4/9]
Conforto: The Hills, by The Weeknd [4/8]; 3) To Ü, by Skrillex & Diplo f. AlunaGeorge [4/9]; To Ü, by Skrillex & Diplo f. AlunaGeorge [4/29-4/30]
d’Arnaud: Dirt Off Your Shoulder, by Jay-Z [4/8]
De Aza: Yo Llegare, by Secreto [4/8]; Te de Campana, by Atomic Otro Way? [4/27]
deGrom: Simple Man, by Lynyrd Skynyrd [4/8-4/30]
Duda: All Along the Watchtower, by The Jimi Hendrix Experience [4/8-4/30]
Flores: Me Voy Enamorando, by Chino & Nacho f. Farruko [4/8]; 1) Me Voy Enamorando, by Chino & Nacho f. Farruko 2) Si Tu Me Besas, by Victor Manuelle [4/9]; 1) Andas En Mi Cabeza, by Chino & Nacho f. Daddy Yankee 2) Cuando Nos Volvamos a Encontrar, by Carlos Vives f. Marc Anthony [4/30]
Granderson: Whoomp! (There It Is), by Tag Team [4/8]; 1) Whoomp! (There It Is), by Tag Team 2) Xxplosive (Edited), by Dr. Dre & Hittman & Kurupt & Nate Dogg & Six-Two 3) So Fresh, So Clean, by OutKast 4) Xxplosive (Edited), by Dr. Dre & Hittman & Kurupt & Nate Dogg & Six-Two 5) So Fresh, So Clean, by OutKast [4/9]; 1) Xxplosive (Edited), by Dr. Dre & Hittman & Kurupt & Nate Dogg & Six-Two 2) So Fresh, So Clean, by OutKast [4/29-4/30]
Harvey: Heart of the Bloody City (MTM’s Glastonbury 2008 Edit), by Jay-Z v. U2/Notorious B.I.G, by The Notorious B.I.G. f. Lil’ Kim & Puff Daddy
Lagares: Creeré, by Tercer Cielo [4/11-4/29]
Matz: Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (Chains), by Crowder [4/11-4/29]
Plawecki: Ride, by Twenty One Pilots [4/10-4/29]
Rivera: Hasta El Amanecer, by Nicky Jam [4/30]
Syndergaard: Game of Thrones, by Ramin Djawadi [4/12]
Walker: 1) Sabotage, by Beastie Boys 2) Icky Thump, by The White Stripes 3) Icky Thump, by The White Stripes 4) Sabotage, by Beastie Boys [4/8]; 1) Sabotage, by Beastie Boys 2) Icky Thump, by The White Stripes [4/30]The Walker, by Fitz and the Tantrums [RBI Hit, 4/29]
Wright: Jungle, by N Commons & X Ambassadors [4/8-4/30]

WATCH: Coming Home, Jose Reyes

This neat video was made from the guys at In Mets We Trust, all property of this video is theirs and their website, InMetsWeTrust.com

Jose Reyes Gets A Second Chance With The Mets

As many of you know, Jose Reyes was re-signed by the organization that signed him (the Mets) today. While Jose is super excited, some Mets fans have mixed emotions for obvious reasons. Growing up, I loved watching Reyes, Delgado, Beltran and Wright lead the ’06 club, and I’m very happy that we are getting a player back from that era, especially with David Wright down for a considerable amount of time.

Obviously, things won’t be as “funny” as they were when he was on the team before. A few players are going to have objections to what he did off the field, they are very serious, but a punishment can only be so big, and in my eyes he served that punishment, so we should be focusing on baseball right now.

Sandy Alderson, Reyes and a few more voices expressed their opinions today as a result of the news, and my good friend and fellow MLBlogger David Strobach from Bleacher Boy summed it up pretty nicely on his blog, as he explains how this is a low risk move with potentially major implications if this works out. Take a look at David’s piece here:

Bleacher Boy

Kathy Willens/AP Photo

-David Strobach-

The New York Mets have signed free agent shortstop, Jose Reyes, to a minor league deal after clearing waivers with the Rockies to reunite the two parties.  Jose Reyes was a star for the  Mets from 2003-2011 and left for a $106 million contract spanning 6 years with the Marlins.  He was then traded to the Blue Jays, then the Rockies acquired him in the Troy Tulowitzki deal.    Reyes was suspended without pay (lost $6.25 million) through May 31 for his domestic violence incident last October where he grabbed his wife by the throat and pushed her into a glass door while in Hawaii.  He was arrested, but after his wife was uncooperative with the prosecution, the charges were later dropped.   Even though he was never formally charged, he still violated the MLB domestic abuse policy which led to his suspension. The Mets GM Sandy Alderson feels Jose has learned from his mistake, served his punishment…

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ThePlusInMetsPlus: A trip north of the border to Rogers Centre

29 teams play in the United States, and one team plays in Canada. The sole, Canadian team, the Toronto Blue Jays, are two time World Series champions, and made it to the American League Championship series last year.

The Blue Jays play their home games in the Rogers Centre (formerly known as the Sky Dome), a 50,000 capacity stadium, that on Wednesday was full, as the Blue Jays hosted the Diamondbacks (and their wacky uniforms).

Upon entering, I noticed that there were a lot of young children at the game. Being that it was the first weekday day game since school ended, and that it was “Edwing” t-shirt day, it seemed like a popular giveaway. Unfortunately, like at most baseball games, most of the kids had very short attention spans, and come the third inning, they were congesting the concourses, and since there are no rope lines at the concessions at Rogers Centre, it was a little tight.


The Stadium itself was beautiful however, one of the nicest retractable roof fields I’ve ever been to. The only real problems I had was the functionality of my seat. There were railings on every row, eerily similar to what was present at Shea Stadium, however there were no cup holders present on these railings. Not a big deal for me, but when transversing through the already thin row (with the railing present) you had to be careful to not bump into anyones drinks.

Another major problem was that we were seated in seats directly in the sun, and everyone knows how hard that can be. Nonetheless, the Blue Jays fans were loud, even though the scoreboard generated chants were few and far between.

The Food selection at Rogers Centre looked neat, even though I didn’t see any “original” options that are the equivalent of Shake Shack, Blue Smoke or PRESSED. One other interesting note was that every concession stand had a really interesting name, not “Hot Dogs and Chicken” or “Pastrami on Rye”. Everything had a different name, that seemed to please the locals.


Even if you are only coming in for a few hours, catching a Blue Jays game is a must. It is conveniently located in the heart of downtown (near Union Station), and is accessible by the TTC, GO Transit, PATH and the Union Pearson Express.


Brooklyn Royal Giants Caps On Sale!

For a third year in a row, the Mets will be wearing throwback Brooklyn Royal Giants caps during an upcoming series versus Atlanta.

Now, you can purchase these caps here!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 6.27.46 PM

Watch LIVE: Andy Grammer Postgame Concert

David Wright to have surgery on neck. Timetable unknown


Tough news on David Wright today. According to multiple reports, David is going to have surgery on a herniated disk in his neck, and his surgery will be performed by Dr.Robert Watkins in California, the same surgeon that operated on former Mets reliever Bobby Parnell in 2014.

According to Wright and the team, “After trying every way to get back on the field, I’ve come to realize that it’s best for me, my teammates and the organization to proceed with surgery at this time.” 

“My neck simply did not respond to any of the treatments of the past few weeks. While incredibly frustrating and disappointing, I am determined to make a full recovery and get back on the field as soon as I can to help the Mets win. I greatly appreciate the support of my teammates and our fans throughout the last few weeks.”

First off, my thoughts go to David Wright and his family. It’s been a rough few years with off the field stuff. People love to whine about how he should retire and how he has enough money, exc. But David Wright brings more to the table than a 230 average. His chemistry in the clubhouse is undeniable, and he’s almost like a bench coach in-game when he’s on the dugout, and he’s the first to go over to the pitchers mound to pump up a struggling reliever.

Of course doing these things does not amount to the twenty million dollars he is owed this year, but we have to have his back through this injury. Obviously, this injury (and the other major injuries that have come up) have created a major gap in our infield depth, and we do need to find a solution at third base, but as a fanbase, I believe it’s important to support David Wright’s choice no matter what path he choses.

Whatever happens, let’s hope David Wright recovers soon. Even if I never get to see him play again as a Met due to a medical retirement, I’ll be in the stands when his number gets retired on the left field wall.


The Plus In Mets Plus Spring 2016 Review!

This Spring, we did had fun on Tuesday’s with “The Plus In Mets Plus”. From food, to Citi Perks, to the planes that fly over Citi Field to Game Shows.

Now, we look back at each of those posts and preview the Summer 2016 The Plus In Mets Plus!

April 19th: A little more about Citi Perks


The Plus In Mets Plus kicked off with a look at Citi Perks. A new way for Mets fans to enjoy the game with an elevated experience. Some of the new highlights of Citi Perks are cheaper food options and t-shirt tosses thanks to Citi Perks.

April 26th: How to travel with Zach Honig


As we transitioned from Citi Cardholder perks to Credit Cards, (and on a greater scale travel) Zach Honig joined Mets Plus to share his personal methods of traveling, and how a Mets fan can enjoy taking road trips to support the Orange & Blue. Additionally, Zach gave us his World Series prediction (sort of)…

May 3rd: The Game Show Reviewer


Double A scoreboard prodigy turned game show reviewer gave us a breakdown of the evolution of Game Shows. We struggled to find a concrete connection to Baseball, but this was a pretty fun interview that I have no regrets of doing.

May 10th: Aviation with the @AirlineFlyer


This is personally one of my favorite interviews that we conducted this Spring. From smart and witty responses to honest opinions, Jason Rabinowitz (aka the @AirlineFlyer) talked to Mets Plus about the latest in NYC Transportation. However, his baseball picks would not fly (no pun intended) in Queens.

May 25th: Culinary Citi, Part 1


From Fuku Burgers to Bacon on the Stick, I loved this review just for the food! This review all started with a Twitter poll that was conducted via my Twitter @NikoMetsPlus.

May 31st: Culinary Citi Part 2



The Plus in Mets Plus ended with Culinary Citi Part 2 in late May. In the second part, we ranked all of the new food options I tried and my food recommendations for a day at the game.

Next week, the Plus In Mets Plus returns for the Summer! First stop, uniforms, with some very special guests and interviews! 

MetsPlus FAQ’s for June 13th


The Mets just completed a rather disappointing road trip, where they lost a series in Pittsburgh and took two out of four in Milwaukee.

Here are my answers to some of the Mets fans biggest questions regarding this team:

Which injury is holding us back the most?

Probably Lucas Duda. Duda, while inconsistent, was able to hit with power and, if healthy, can hit around thirty home runs per season. Recently, NJ.com stated that Duda was optimistic on his injury outlook, so hopefully he will be back sooner rather than later.

What’s your stance on David Wright? Should he retire?

Defiantly not, but of course that’s his decision. David Wright has a lot of money still left on the table, and we are committed to him for the next five seasons, which is a lot of time (and money). I think that we should prepare to covert him over to first base, where he will be more successful as he won’t have to make long throws across the diamond (which is a major weak spot in his game today).

Who is the Ace? deGrom, Harvey or Syndergaard?


Who should we trade for?

This is a question everyone is asking without any concrete answers. Personally, I like the idea of Juan Uribe. I know he is struggling, be we know he can hit in New York and he’s on a one-year deal for Cleveland. Additionally, the Mets need speed, and none of the injured guys will bring that when they come back. I personally would cut DeAza and bring up someone speedy, or potentially trade for Eric Young Jr. (for a third time).

#LinksAboutHim: Steven Matz


For today’s installment of #LinksAboutHim, we will highlight the latest news and notes on Steven Matz, today’s starting pitcher. 

  • Like Steven Matz, the Mets signed two more Long Island arms during the MLB Draft, which you can read about here
  • The New York Post explains why Steven Matz was given an extra day of rest.
  • Steven Matz was recently named the NL Rookie of the Month.
  • Matz was disappointed in his start in Pittsburgh, as Newsday explains.