The Plus In MetsPlus: Culinary Citi (Part 2)

This week in “The Plus In MetsPlus” , we conclude our two week tour of the “Culinary Citi”. If you missed part one, click here


Sometimes, ballpark classics are superior to new age craft, and at Citi Field that’s fairly possible. Burgers are a staple in all ballparks, at at Citi Field, one can get a burger at Shake Shack, Pat LaFrieda kiosks and Keith’s Burger (located in Left Field, on the Field Level). Named after Mets First Baseman and broadcaster Keith Hernandez, Keith’s Burger comes on a pretzel or sesame roll, chips and a tootsie pop, something unique to Keith’s Burger.


Overall, it was a slow moving line with only one cashier and one cook, which severely slowed down the line. The quality of the burger was far superior to a Pat LaFrieda burger, though, as it was tender and tasted like a steakhouse burger. For a price of $12 dollars, this is one of the best premium meal options available that gives you value.


The only downfall was the Wise Chips as an accompaniment. Personally, I prefer Fries with my burger. However, since it was Culinary week for Mets Plus, I didn’t Fries, I got Frites.

Keith’s Burger: 8.5/10

Fries can be paired with anything. Chicken, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and even fish. At Citi Field, Nathan’s famous crinkle cuts are prominent throughout ballpark concessions. For me, I prefer Shake Shack’s Crinkle’s, as they are greasy like Nathan’s. However, I have always wanted to try an option that has been available since the stadium opened, Box Frites. 

According to, “Frites” is just short for French Fries, and the “Frites” are supposed to come in a box, thus the name “Box Frites”. However, they didn’t have boxes on the day I went, and while I normally wouldn’t take off points for that, “Box Frites” should be in a box. It’s like paying for a Mets helmet cone of Mister Softee, and getting a paper cup. Same amount of substance, but for a one-time experience, esthetics count.


Container Frites sounds more appropriate

As a replacement accompaniment for the Box Frites, I have to say I wasn’t very pleased with the Box Frites. For $8, they weren’t any better than the Nathan’s fries (other than the shape), and they were considerably inferior to Shake Shack’s fries.

I didn’t hate Box Frites, it’s just the only place I ate (so far) that I wouldn’t try again.

Box Frites: 6/10

Last but not least we have a desert option, and other than club fare or ice cream, it’s a option that isn’t extremely present in Citi Field. Thus, when I heard cookies from the “Milk Bar”, a popular New York attraction, were coming to Citi Field (located in between Fuku and Catch of the Day in right field), I jumped at the occasion and bought a “compost” cookie. This cookie, featuring a mix of pretzels, marshmallow fluff and other goodies might have been the worst thing I ever put in my mouth.

I don’t mean to trash Milk Bar, they are successful and will be regardless of my review, but please do yourself a favor and don’t eat this.

Milk Bar: 1/10

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  3. […] summer, MLB sent me to Citi Field to do a “Culinary Citi” feature. (Well, two actually…. I like ballpark food) And, I completely understand why people feel this […]


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