New Socks coming to Major League Baseball next year

As if hats, uniforms, gloves and cleats weren’t enough, now we will have custom and team-specific sock designs thanks to a new partnership with sock making company “Stance”. This partnership was first announced by Chris Creamer of

According to ESPN, “The multiyear deal, whose financial terms are not being disclosed, will start in earnest with the 2017 season, but some signs of the partnership will appear as soon as this year’s All-Star Game, when Stance will offer a Home Run Derby sock and a sock for both the National and American League rosters.”


The aforementioned socks that will be worn during the All-Star Game.


ESPN also sat down with Noah Garden, the executive vice president of business for the league. He said that “We wanted to give teams the chance to express themselves creatively in a nontraditional way,” said Noah, “Socks are an often-overlooked but very important part of our game, and when Stance came along, it seemed like a logical extension for us.”

While this is cool, and 95% of the time players will wear their socks down (which would cover up any creative sock, I don’t want to see a lot of action on something that is supposed to be covered up. Imagine Mr.Met and weird orange stripes going up and down a uniform? Yeah, I don’t want to picture that either. While it’s cool to wear for fun, it’s not an on-field look.

Thing is, I’ve only seen three socks (from the above image) so I won’t speculate what is going to happen next year, I just hope it wont be distracting and something that we frown our heads upon in twenty years.


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