So our aces haven’t excelled this year, is that OK?


It’s no secret that our “aces” haven’t quite been “ace” like this year. Matz looks like he has potential but is inexperienced, Syndergaard looks dominant, but hasn’t had the lights out stuff that we saw in the Postseason last year, deGrom lacks a put away pitch, has had high pitch counts, and every inning seems to be a battle. And Harvey looks straight up lost. The bullpen, and Bartolo Colon however, have been robust, consistent and for the most part reliable, with the Mets having the lowest bullpen ERA in baseball.

The irony is that everyone thought the exact opposite would happen, with our starters being lights out, and our relievers missing location, showing their age, and lacking pitch location. But is this a good thing?

Obviously, the best minds in Baseball weren’t wrong. Harvey and deGrom (and even Syndergaard to a degree) will improve in the coming weeks, and, unless we sign the Royals back end bullpen from last year, the older guys in the pen like Blevins, Reed, Henderson and Bastardo will have bad outings, and the bullpen will become a problem, but until then one can’t help but worry for Harvey, deGrom and the gang (I actually kind of like that name, but Syndergaard has to be included in it… hmmm.)

One thing is for sure, Harvey will have a very important start coming up, against the Washington Nationals, who as of today find themselves 1.5 games up on the division. While the game is in Washington, “The 7 Line Army” (the supporters group that frequently sits in the big apple reserved) will be there in full force, and RallyBus is taking a group of Mets fans down to cheer on Harvey.


For deGrom, he’s been in the middle all season, which is what is troubling. With Harvey, we’ve seen glimpses of the brilliance displayed in 2013 and 2015, but deGrom hasn’t had good stuff all year. Obviously, he had a small injury earlier this year, and he became a father after Opening Day, so it’s been a busy year, and his stats haven’t been terrible (he has a 3.07 ERA this year, which is respectable, but deGrom is capable of so much more).

Thing is, I don’t have a solution to present other than hope that the situation works itself out. The Mets have been good this year, and the “aces” haven’t been dreadful, but as previously mentioned, this isn’t half the dominance we’ve seen in the past from these young, skilled arms.



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