May 22nd, 2016

If it can happen in real life can it happen in a video game?

No, I didn’t mess up the title.

Here’s a fun video for you guys to watch before bed tonight. This MLB The Show video game reviewer challenged himself to get Colon to hit one out in the game.

His results are pretty funny:

I’m happy for David Wright.

Yesterday, during a tied game in the ninth inning, David Wright took a swing with the bases loaded and one out, with a 3-0 count. Even though everyone was yelling for him to take the pitch before it was delivered, there were only massive cheers for David after his walk off hit, something that he didn’t get after his first four at bats, those at bats were followed by boos.

Walk offs are always special, and while it’s just a base hit at a great time,  but David Wright really needed this. David already has 50 strikeouts, nearly half of the amount he had in a full season in 2008, and while strikeouts don’t share the whole picture, Wright has looked very poor in the field and in the plate, and while all Mets fans love him and wouldn’t want anyone else as the captain of the team, it’s become very obvious that he is dragging the team behind to a slight degree.