You can already #VoteMets for the All-Star Game

It’s that time of year again, fans! The 2016 Esurance All-Star Ballot is open and taking submissions, and you can get in on the action by voting your favorite Met position player straight through to San Diego.


You may vote in the 2016 Esurance MLB All-Star Game Balloting Program a maximum of thirty-five (35) times between now and June 30, 2016 with a limit of five (5) times during any twenty-four (24) hour period, with that twenty-four (24) hour period to begin as of the time of the first vote; following the expiration of the initial twenty-four (24) hour period, the next twenty-four (24) hour period begins at the time of your next vote.

Additionally, the Mets need you to help spread the #VoteMets movement on social!

  • #VoteTravis
  • #VoteTheDude
  • #VoteWalker
  • #VoteWrightNow
  • #VoteASdrubal
  • #VoteConforto
  • #VoteYo
  • #VoteGrandy
  • #VoteMets
  • #ASG
  • #ASGWorthy


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