A Gnometastic day (for me and thee Mets!)

April 30th sure was an exciting day. If you went to the game yesterday, you saw the horrendous crowds that were lined up. Some lines went three blocks down past the Subway entrance and back, and that was just before 2pm, when the gates were opening for the 4pm start.

After picking up my tickets from Ballpark Pickup, we went to the right field gate. However, the lines for the right field gate started around the Mets team store, so we ran to the Bullpen gate, whose lines started about 30 feet down from the Amway that is located in Right Field. While my friend held our spot in the line, I went up to the front of the bullpen gate (which opens 30 minutes later than the other gates) and asked how many Syndergaarden gnomes were available. Apparently, there were around 800, and by doing a rushed count on the way back to our spot, I counted about 750. We did get through in time, but took from the last box of gnomes and almost had an issue with getting into the stadium due to a faulty ticket reader.

While we were climbing the stairs, I took out my phone and shot a video of the last fans getting the last gnomes. If you haven’t seen it already take a look:


The one weird thing about offering a super hot promotion is that 90 minutes prior to game time, you have the majority of the stadium in-house. We had purchased standing room tickets, so we went up to the promenade directly, and secured our gnomes (which are now selling on ebay for over $150). With that, is was time to start the game.

Metsgnome syndergaarden vintage qweda

A very happy Niko Goutakolis with his gnomes

The game was pretty good, and we were able to find some seats in section 506. It was a game attended by a lot of different types of people, which is what a Saturday 4pm game brings. There are the families from the day games, the weekend promo getters, and the night game hecklers. In fact this was a very special game for attendance, it was the highest attended regular season game in Citi Field history.


Of course the real beauty of the day was the game itself, a 6-5 Mets win, capped off with a great performance from deGrom, and home runs from Conforto and Flores. I look forward to more great gamedays like yesterday!


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