Month: May 2016

The Plus In MetsPlus: Culinary Citi (Part 2)

This week in “The Plus In MetsPlus” , we conclude our two week tour of the “Culinary Citi”. If you missed part one, click here ————————————————————————– Sometimes, ballpark classics are superior to new age craft, and at Citi Field that’s fairly possible. Burgers are a staple in all ballparks, at

Mets Memorial Day Apparel on sale

Today, the Mets wore special Memorial Day caps and uniforms to celebrate Memorial Day, and to honor America’s military. Most people give the look a thumbs down, but some like the camouflage, and if you do like it, both the caps and the uniforms have limited availability on the Mets

Watch LIVE: Mets 1986 Pregame Ceremony

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It’s 1986 weekend. Share your stories!

It’s 1986 weekend at Citi Field, and everyone is super excited to see their favorite all time Mets step in front of the 42,000+ in attendance. Tonight, the Mets are giving away a replica “racing stripes” uniform, and on Sunday fans are going to receive a replica ring. While everyone

New Socks coming to Major League Baseball next year

As if hats, uniforms, gloves and cleats weren’t enough, now we will have custom and team-specific sock designs thanks to a new partnership with sock making company “Stance”. This partnership was first announced by Chris Creamer of According to ESPN, “The multiyear deal, whose financial terms are not being

The Plus In Mets Plus, Culinary Citi: A look at the new food options available at Citi Field (Part 1)

Citi Field is still a relatively new stadium. Entering it’s eighth season of baseball, Citi Field is known for it’s amazing food offerings, like Blue Smoke on the Road, Shake Shack, Pat LaFrieda steak sandwiches, Nathan’s Hot Dogs, Two Boots Pizza, El Verano Latin cuisine, and restaurants like the Pat

So our aces haven’t excelled this year, is that OK?

It’s no secret that our “aces” haven’t quite been “ace” like this year. Matz looks like he has potential but is inexperienced, Syndergaard looks dominant, but hasn’t had the lights out stuff that we saw in the Postseason last year, deGrom lacks a put away pitch, has had high pitch

If it can happen in real life can it happen in a video game?

No, I didn’t mess up the title. Here’s a fun video for you guys to watch before bed tonight. This MLB The Show video game reviewer challenged himself to get Colon to hit one out in the game. His results are pretty funny:

I’m happy for David Wright.

Yesterday, during a tied game in the ninth inning, David Wright took a swing with the bases loaded and one out, with a 3-0 count. Even though everyone was yelling for him to take the pitch before it was delivered, there were only massive cheers for David after his walk

#MetsPlusPiazzaMoment: #1 Piazza’s debut

As part of Mike Piazza’s induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, we will be highlighting certain Mets Moments that Mike Piazza had during his career with the Mets, and showcasing them on the blog. Today, we have Mike Piazza’s debut with the Mets, in May of 1998:

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