Matt Harvey is a curious case


Matt Harvey has been in the Major Leagues since the year 2012. Since his debut, Matt Harvey has been loathed be some, embraced by others, and a few are in the middle.

As for me, I’m in the middle. Sometimes, I hate Harvey and his oversized ego, and sometimes I credit him for being ultra clutch and like his “bulldog” mentality.

The funny thing about Harvey is that statistics always seem to take a back seat when it comes to analysing him. deGrom has crushed Harvey in all major categories since deGrom has come into the league, yet no one seems to think deGrom is the ace, or more importantly, Harvey is the #3 guy.

If statistics don’t ride shotgun when we analyse a player, what else does? Usually, there is clubhouse likability, leadership and overall persona, but in which of these personal categories does Harvey excel in? If anything he seems to perform poorly in all of these categories. For example, he never seems to sit next to his fellow pitchers, seems obsessed with the wild world of nightlife and gossip magazines, and doesn’t seem to put up the numbers to back anything up.

But what do Mets fans (like me occasionally) say? “If there was a 0ne game playoff  to win a World Series, I’d put Harvey on the mound….” 

But why? “Because he’s clutch and doesn’t fall under pressure…” 

Yes, Harvey put on a good Game 5 start in the World Series, but there have been many pressure filled games where he has buckled. And while I cannot complain about his postseason performance, a 3.04 Postseason ERA doesn’t really say “ace” on a World Series team that is supposed to have the best arms the game has ever seen.

Still Harvey is the Dark Knight, the Mets can’t survive without him”

I’m not saying he should be kicked off the team. He’s a good pitcher that preforms very well, but deGrom and Syndergaard are considerably better than him. Take last year for example, deGrom led in hits allowed, earned runs allowed, ERA, ERA+, WHIP, FIP and all other stats that just seem like three letter words that have no meaning, but they define an ace. The only thing Harvey has going are things people suppose are true about him, and some intangibles.

So here is the million dollar question: Is Harvey the ace, and if so, why?


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