SNY’s “Beat the Booth” is back for 2016!

If you ever thought that you knew more about the Mets than any other person  around you, this is your chance!


SNY is auditioning individuals or teams of two via an easy online video process, all to win 5,000 on SNY’s game show “Beat the Booth. SNY is looking for fans who can demonstrate extensive knowledge of Mets history to compete in a game-show-style television program, and it only takes a few minutes to be considered for the live in-studio audition for Beat the Booth with Gary and Howie.

You can sign up here, or receive additional details here.

Here are some general rules before you sign up:

  • Competitors may compete individually or as a team of two
  • Individuals or both team members must be present at all auditions and during the actual show taping (if selected)
  • Competitors must be eighteen (18) years of age or older on June 14th, 2016
  • Competitors may only audition once, and competitors may not share questions with other competitors who plan to audition.

Good luck!

One Reply to “SNY’s “Beat the Booth” is back for 2016!”

  1. Is there anyway that there’s an actual video audition, or do we just have to fill out the questionnaire with our information?


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