Uni-Watch: What’s your Sign(ature) New York Mets edition.


I’m a uniform enthusiast, and for anyone else that is, you know that Uni Watch is a must read. Yesterday, Phil Hecken (also a Mets fan), wrote this great article, on the history of the New York Mets’ uniforms.

Additionally, he deems one uniform as the “signature” look.

Here’s a little preview:

For the better part of their early history, the Mets had beautiful classic uniforms: designed to “honor” the colors of NYC (and coincidentally the departed Dodgers and Giants), the uniforms were royal blue and orange, with a pinstriped uniform for the homes (despite rumors that the pinstripes were added as a tribute to NY’s AL team, the one that didn’t move west — there is no conclusive proof the pins were worn as a tip of the cap to the Yankees).

The early uniforms were gorgeous — and relatively unchanged from 1962 (the year NY entered the league) through 1973 — with a script “Mets” on the home pinstripes, and a gray road uniform with “NEW YORK” in the ‘tuscan’ font across the chest. Uniform numbers were added to the front of the jersey in 1965. They would go NNOB for all these years. 



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