Two Words: Cash Grab

Major League Baseball makes me so mad sometimes. Today’s announcement of the “special” uniforms that the Mets (and the other 29 teams) will be wearing this year is so sickening, I don’t even want to watch those games.

Just look at this:


Before I go on, let me just say that all of the photo’s I’m taking are property of Chris Creamer, author of 

Now, this looks pretty terrible. I was reading Mr.Creamer’s post, which you can read here and I was 95% sure that I had gone colorblind, thanks to the pale blues and the grey, and I so shocked by how depressing these uniforms look. new-york-mets-fathers-day-uniform

I mean seriously. I wasn’t joking about that color blind comment. This looks terrible. An eerie grey cap, with an eerie pitch colored outline with a pale blue word mark, that represents fathers day? That looks terrible!  Take a look at the Mets fathers day look in 2013. Very respectable with the light blue fathers cross below the shoulder.


Additionally, players wore light blue elbow pads and the bases had a light blue theme as well. There was no reason to change this look. Except for one reason, which I explained in the title. And if you thought mothers day was any better, think again. It’s basically the same eerie dark tonal colors with pink splated pall over the place. Take a look at the image of all 30 teams Mother’s Day uniforms.


I mean, I’ve been a baseball fan for a while now, and I’ve seen loads of terrible uniforms, but this collection might be the biggest load of garbage MLB has ever forced their players to wear. It’s one thing to make one-day uniforms to get increased profit, and it’s another thing to make them look absolutely horrible.

Then there is the Memorial Day and July 4th cap. Both I give a pass to since we have been wearing special caps for these days in years past, but the July 4th design is awful. Why can’t we have a traditional Mets hat with a US Flag on the side? That would show United States pride, be a separate hat which would drive up cap sales (which is the only thing MLB cares about) and wouldn’t make the players look like a foolish minor leaguer who has to endure his teams’ 80’s night.

The only thing I like in this entire collection is the on-field cap for the All Star Game. The Gold Trimmings and the stars on the hats make this a fun cap that says “all-star”.

I wouldn’t buy any of these caps if I were you. This might be the single most desperate move Major League Baseball has ever made. The only good thing I see from this is the transition back to Authentic Collection caps, since I’ve never really been a fan in those Diamond Era caps.

Wow, this post was extremely rant-ish and opinionated. Tomorrow I will return to our regularly scheduled blog.




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