No more Press Notes for Club Mets Members?


If you didn’t already know, I am a Club Mets Member. For those not familiar with Club Mets, a member that pays $19.95 will receive a:

  • Official Club Mets Membership Card (3/10, worthless but good for novelty – worth $1)
  • Welcome Letter from the Mets (1/10, total garbage. Not personalized. – worth zippo) 
  • Two (2) complimentary Promenade tickets to a select 2016 Mets home game * (10/10. If you purchase tickets to a good game, you can get $25 dollars worth of value per ticket. Why else would someone get Club Mets? – worth up to $50)
  • Club Mets members-only website (1/10 The website is a joke – worthless)
  • Special ticket opportunities * (1/10 I’ve gotten zero “opportunities” – worthless until further notice)
  • 2016® Gameday Audio for your computer (5/10, Good idea, but since I have AtBat audio, I’ll probably never use it. It’s a worthwhile perk though, probably the second best thing on the table for the general public. – worth up to $20)
  • 15% discount at Team Store at Citi Field on non-game days; 10% off at all Citi Field retail locations when you spend $100 or more on game days; 10% discount on eligible orders at the Online Shop (2/10 Only for the online shop. I never go to Citi Field on non-game days, unless there is something uber-important like an unveiling. And I don’t see myself spending 100% dollars on a game day at Citi Field – worth $10 dollars).
  • Complimentary Mets press game notes at Citi Field – (8/10 if executed, more on that later. – For bloggers worth around $20 for the season.)
  • Exclusive Club Mets group nights with promo item- (1/10. I highly doubt there will be anything showcased to Club Mets members cheaper then or StubHub.)
  • Exclusive Club Mets Amazin’ Memorabilia auctions –(1/10 worthless, worthless, worthless. And I guarantee you the general non-Club fan will be able to access the Memorabilia actions just as well – worthless)
  • One (1) game day complimentary Citi Field scoreboard message  (5/10. Great for families with kids. Seems like it would make a cool birthday present. – Worth up to $15)
  • Exclusive message board – (1/10 Total worthless garbage)

So, there is about $120 worth of stuff that you can get from a $19 dollar purchase. Simply put Club Mets is a worthwhile purchase, but actually giving members these perks is a must. Special Ticket Opportunities? Exclusive message board? That’s stuff no one will use, so we let it slide by when the Mets act like they never advertised them. But press notes? That is a worthwhile benefit. For a blogger like me that is too young for the press box but wants to be “in the loop”, press notes are something that are essential. Thus, I paid for the membership, and I followed the prompts. Go to Fan Assistance, pick up the press notes by showing you membership card, and enjoy the game. And I did go to Fan Assistance, only to be told “no press notes this year” from the Fan Assistance representative. Now, I’m not going to rant about not getting information I could easily get online, but when someone pays for something, give it to him. He paid for it. No explanations or reasoning by the representative or the Mets social media accounts.

I’ll continue to provide updates on Club Mets and see if it becomes any better, and I’m hopeful that it will.

2 Replies to “No more Press Notes for Club Mets Members?”

  1. […] Besides the comfortable chairs, there were plenty of outlets, information placards, and printers, presumably to print stuff like Game Notes, which fans can get as a benefit of Club Mets, something I outlined in this post. […]

  2. […] year, I talked about the benefits of Club Mets, in my first year of being a […]

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