Citi Field’s Wall is now completely Blue! (And some more things)


As you can see from my title, I’m really happy about the wall at Citi Field. Budweiser, Citi, Verizon, Block Advisors, Altec Lansing, Gulf and National Car Rental (partially) all switched over to a Blue background, and honestly, the wall looks so much better.

Previously the yellow from WB Mason and Wheat Thins made the wall very “scrambled”, and, with the shorter fences that were installed in the year 2012, there was a general lack of blue. I wholeheartedly welcome this change.

Additionally, there are some other new features that the Mets introduced. (Other than the Mets T-Shirt toss mega change that I talked about here.)

As you can see in the photo above, the new Coca-Cola sign has been installed in the same place where the retro “Pepsi-Cola” sign was. I will probably be calling it the Pepsi-Porch for years to come. This sign will feature a LED sign which will light up and change during the game.

Honestly I don’t really care for this. If they do it during home runs and pre and post game, great, but if the board goes off during the game, I will probably be complaining about it during the game.

Before I go on about the Coke Corner, it should be noted that two more areas have been re-branded. The Caesars Club has been re-named the Foxwoods club (sticking with the Casinos) and the Party City Deck will be re-named to something that will be named later.

Now, here is where I start to be anti-Coke Corner. Take a look at this photo of the new “Coke Lounge” at the top of the Coke Corner:


Not one chair faces the field. NOT ONE! Sorry I don’t mean to insult anyone. This is better than what was here before, but if you want people to be in a space, and the space is outdoors in a Baseball game, why have all of the lounge chairs face in the wrong direction. I don’t mean this as a rant, misaligned seats are fine, but that couch on the left needs to be turned around 180 degrees. Additionally, what happens if it rains, those pillows and cushions will get soggy real quick.

Other than that I welcome the new changes. There will be a lot of culinary upgrades at Citi Field, including a 32oz Tomahawk Chop dish (which will presumably be served at Pat LaFrieda’s Chop House which will mean that you’ll need Delta Sky Club Access.) and Cannoli’s for desert, among numerous other upgrades. However, I want to taste them for myself before I review them!


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