March 30th, 2016

“Citi Perks Patrol” shirts will be designed by The7Line.

This is really cool.

One of the most exciting things about an experience at Citi Field is when Mr.Met and the Citi Perks Patrol (which used to be known as the Pepsi Party Patrol) come on out to throw out t-shirts. While I have absolutely no luck in catching these lucrative shirts, I now have a reason to be a little more “aggressive”.

That’s right, entrepreneur Darren Meenan and his lifestyle brand “The 7 Line” will be designing this year’s giveaway shirts. The shirts feature lines from the famous song, “Meet the Mets”, in addition to official Mets logos, and a rustic touch.

According to, the “exclusive t-shirt will only be available through the Citi Perk Patrol and Mr. Met during the between-innings t-shirt toss. The t-shirt, which will not be available for purchase — features a new design that celebrates Citi Field as the home of the Mets and Mets fans”

I, for one, will be doing anything I can to grab one of these t-shirts. The only thing that I predict will happen, will be a decrease in the amount of adults handing the kid sitting next to them the shirt that they just caught, which is what usually happens during the games.

The shirt is also sponsored by Citi Perks, which awards Citi Cardmembers with various benefits on tickets and in-game experiences.