The future of MetsPlus, explained.


I’ve been a Mets fan since 2006, when I was seven years old. Ever since, I’ve been following the Mets season after season, and now I’m finally getting to enjoy watching the team I love. (At least I hope….)

Now, I’ve been honored to write about Baseball since 2013. It’s hard to believe that this is the fourth season that I’ve been writing about Baseball, it seems like I just launched this blog a year ago, but it has been much longer, and I couldn’t be any more lucky.

However, I often have this desire to expand the blog into something much bigger and better. isn’t true to it’s name. It’s definitely Mets, but there is no “plus”.

I changed the name from “Pepper: Mets Blog” to “MetsPlus” in the offseason of 2014/2015, and ultimately I think it was a good call. People seemed to like the new, shorter name, and the new logo paired well, yet again, I think MetsPlus has more to it, and I’m excited to share the future that I envision for


Nothing will change this season; I’m super excited to see what the Mets can do off their best season in years, and I’m 100% committed to blogging about the 2016 team and all that comes with it.

Beyond the season, I plan to really change things up. The name might be the only thing similar to the MetsPlus of today. I plan to have the same amount of Mets as I do today, and add brand new features, some of which peak my interest, and some of which are popular topics on Twitter. The new, non-MLBlogs layout should make it easy for a reader to quickly navigate the site, blocking out the “plus” or the “Mets” depending on the readers particular interest. I plan to pilot this idea in the coming weeks with an interesting feature.

But Niko, you want to pilot this new feature on Opening Weekend?

It might not be that weekend, but I believe that it will allow readers to understand the features coming on Opening Day.

You said non-MLBlogs, so you’re leaving

That’s the plan. The uncontrollable ads, the set layout of the blog and the limitations would make it difficult to add the “Plus”.

When will we see the “Plus” added?

After the Regular Season (hopefully the postseason), I’ll “renovate” the blog. After a 2-3 week scheduled hiatus, I will re-launch the blog.

Nothing Mets will change though? 

No. At least I don’t think so. I like to think about everything I touch as “un-scripted” and flexible. At the moment, I’m a Mets fan and that’s where I can best express my opinion, just because I have other area’s of strength, my Mets knowledge won’t decrease. However, to maintain this “un-scripted” status that I give myself, I don’t want to predict what will happen a few years down the road.

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