Does Matt Reynolds have a spot on the bench?


Matt Reynolds technically made his Major League debut last year, when the Mets promoted him from the offseason to take the place of Ruben Tejada, who injured himself during Game 2 of the National League Division Series. However, the “technically” comes into play, because Reynolds never made an in-game appearance. Sure he was on the roster, but he never actually played. Still, had the Mets won the Fall Classic, he would have received a World Series Ring, just like all the other players that were a part of the 2015 Mets.

According to, Reynolds has a chance to break camp with the Mets, thanks to  Asdrubal Cabrera’s knee injury, which means he’s expected to start the year on the disabled list. Wilmer Flores is likely to open the season as the starting shortstop which allows Reynolds to serve as the backup. Again, this is all speculation and is all pending the health status of Asdrubal Cabrera. Last we heard, Cabrera had been on a bike and had done some light hitting, but no fielding or running, which means he is still extremely limited with just over a week of Spring Training left.

If Reynolds does break camp with the team, he will probably only make it to the Opening Weekend, and, considering the number of off days the Mets will have on their first week, Reynolds playing time will probably be extremely limited, and he might not get into any game action whatsoever. Unfortunately for Reynolds, the one time he has the chance to make it to the big club, he underperforms. This is easily Reynolds’ worst spring training, and while he’s not doing that on purpose, it doesn’t help his chances.





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