I’m Still Going To Call It The Pepsi Porch

This is a great post from “A View from the Bench”. I enjoy it because it’s what I’ve been thinking to myself all offseason, only in words.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gary Cohen calls it the Pepsi Porch during his dramatic Home run calls!

A View From The Bench

By: Paul DiSclafani

pepsi porch

It will always be the “Pepsi Porch” to me.

I’ve never called the Triboro Bridge the “RFK” bridge, have you?  Did you even know that they renamed the 59th Street Bridge after former NYC Mayor Ed Koch?  Hell, I still sometimes call Citi Field Shea Stadium…

I was awe-struck the first time I walked into Citi Field.  I went to the first event there, a St. John’s University baseball game just before the opening of the 2009 MLB season.  Everyone was there for the same reason, to bask in the glory that was now ours.  A brand, spanking new stadium!  Oh, I know everyone waxes nostalgic about Shea Stadium and it’s charm and history and all that.  But it was a dump.  It was OUR dump, but a dump none the less.

Shea had character and memories, but is also had bad plumbing and leaked when it rained.  The…

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