Latest Edition of Subway Booth! Episode 3 now up!


The latest episode of Subway Booth has just been posted. Be sure to follow my guest, Ricky Keeler, on Twitter @Rickinator55, and follow his “Yanks Go Yard” podcasts.

On this episode, we talked about the AL East versus the NL East, which New York Team has more holes, and why the Mets have a better chance at winning their division. Plus, we talked about the importance of the last two weeks of Spring Training.

Listen HERE, or check out my Twitter, @NikoMetsPlus, for the latest updates.

Also, remember that we have various upcoming podcast and specials that will be showcased during the MetsPlus trip to Spring Training:

Sunday: Special Edition of Subway Booth, focusing primarily on the New York Mets. 

Monday: Episode of Subway Booth TV, where we take an inside look at all things Spring Training. 

Tuesday: Subway Booth TV recaps the exciting weekend with extra never before seen clips and features. 


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