MetsPlus on C70’s “Playing Pepper: Mets Edition”


No, not that kind of Pepper…..

No, it’s not the name of my former blog…..

I’m talking about the Spring Training Preview series on C70 At the Bat.

Founded by Daniel Shoptaw, Playing Pepper showcases the strengths and weaknesses of all of MLB’s 30 teams. Today, alongside Michael Ganci, Greg Prince, Paul Hadsall, AC Wayne, Steve Keane, Jon Lewin, Matthew Lug and Chris McShane, we look at the what the Mets can accomplish this year, our goals, their flaws and much more.

The post can be read HERE, and here is a little preview:

C70: Which team in the division do you most enjoy beating and how do you think you’ll fare against them in 2016?

Niko: Obviously I enjoy beating the Nationals the most, because they are prime division rivals and there are playoff implications during every game. However, if the postseason didn’t matter, I would say the Yankees. The Subway Series is always special, and while it is losing a little energy, it’s always one of the first games to sell out, and it’s the talk of the town when it happens. I wish I was older during the 2000 World Series, I would have loved to see the energy of New York City when that happened.



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