March 2016

Citi Field’s Wall is now completely Blue! (And some more things)


As you can see from my title, I’m really happy about the wall at Citi Field. Budweiser, Citi, Verizon, Block Advisors, Altec Lansing, Gulf and National Car Rental (partially) all switched over to a Blue background, and honestly, the wall looks so much better.

Previously the yellow from WB Mason and Wheat Thins made the wall very “scrambled”, and, with the shorter fences that were installed in the year 2012, there was a general lack of blue. I wholeheartedly welcome this change.

Additionally, there are some other new features that the Mets introduced. (Other than the Mets T-Shirt toss mega change that I talked about here.)

As you can see in the photo above, the new Coca-Cola sign has been installed in the same place where the retro “Pepsi-Cola” sign was. I will probably be calling it the Pepsi-Porch for years to come. This sign will feature a LED sign which will light up and change during the game.

Honestly I don’t really care for this. If they do it during home runs and pre and post game, great, but if the board goes off during the game, I will probably be complaining about it during the game.

Before I go on about the Coke Corner, it should be noted that two more areas have been re-branded. The Caesars Club has been re-named the Foxwoods club (sticking with the Casinos) and the Party City Deck will be re-named to something that will be named later.

Now, here is where I start to be anti-Coke Corner. Take a look at this photo of the new “Coke Lounge” at the top of the Coke Corner:


Not one chair faces the field. NOT ONE! Sorry I don’t mean to insult anyone. This is better than what was here before, but if you want people to be in a space, and the space is outdoors in a Baseball game, why have all of the lounge chairs face in the wrong direction. I don’t mean this as a rant, misaligned seats are fine, but that couch on the left needs to be turned around 180 degrees. Additionally, what happens if it rains, those pillows and cushions will get soggy real quick.

Other than that I welcome the new changes. There will be a lot of culinary upgrades at Citi Field, including a 32oz Tomahawk Chop dish (which will presumably be served at Pat LaFrieda’s Chop House which will mean that you’ll need Delta Sky Club Access.) and Cannoli’s for desert, among numerous other upgrades. However, I want to taste them for myself before I review them!


“Citi Perks Patrol” shirts will be designed by The7Line.

This is really cool.

One of the most exciting things about an experience at Citi Field is when Mr.Met and the Citi Perks Patrol (which used to be known as the Pepsi Party Patrol) come on out to throw out t-shirts. While I have absolutely no luck in catching these lucrative shirts, I now have a reason to be a little more “aggressive”.

That’s right, entrepreneur Darren Meenan and his lifestyle brand “The 7 Line” will be designing this year’s giveaway shirts. The shirts feature lines from the famous song, “Meet the Mets”, in addition to official Mets logos, and a rustic touch.

According to, the “exclusive t-shirt will only be available through the Citi Perk Patrol and Mr. Met during the between-innings t-shirt toss. The t-shirt, which will not be available for purchase — features a new design that celebrates Citi Field as the home of the Mets and Mets fans”

I, for one, will be doing anything I can to grab one of these t-shirts. The only thing that I predict will happen, will be a decrease in the amount of adults handing the kid sitting next to them the shirt that they just caught, which is what usually happens during the games.

The shirt is also sponsored by Citi Perks, which awards Citi Cardmembers with various benefits on tickets and in-game experiences.


Mets Probable Pitchers for the first two weeks of the Mets Regular Season


I found this interesting diagram on earlier today, and it explains who will pitch when. There are some surprises on this diagram that are slightly confusing, however. Let me explain:

The basis of Terry’s thinking is that with the extremely un-orthodox start to the schedule, the Mets will be starting their pitchers out of order, and will be able to double up on their starters during the two game opening series in Kansas City. Matt Harvey will start on Opening Night, with Noah Syndergaard starting on the fifth of April. The interesting addition to the series is that Bartolo Colon and Steven Matz will be available in relief during those first two games. This will allow additional flexibility to a rested bullpen.

After that, the rotation returns to normal. As you continue to look at the above image, you should know that this is not an “official Mets document”. If I had to wager, I would say deGrom would go on the thirteenth, and Harvey would pitch on the fourteenth. This is because there is simply no one that can pitch on the thirteenth if you don’t use deGrom. Colon, Syndergaard and Matz would be out of the question do to rest, Harvey would be on short rest and that doesn’t make much sense, and deGrom would be on regular rest. Honestly this is a no brainier, I just don’t have the photoshop skills to edit the image. The only other possibility would be a  Gilmartin or Verrett type pitcher, but with so many days off, turing to him before the first real turn in the rotation would be embarrassing to say the least.

Bruegel and Me

Today on, we have a nice historical re-blog from John Thorn’s blog “Our Game”, which is on the top of the Blogs list. Give it a read:

Our Game

Bruegel's The Harvesters, detail Bruegel, The Harvesters, 1565; detail

From my column “Play’s the Thing,” Woodstock Times, December 28, 2006: Walking through the European Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art last week with my son Mark, returned from college for the holidays, we glided from gallery to gallery at a leisurely pace. He had seen many of these glorious paintings before, but only as color plates in an art history textbook. I had visited them at the Met before, but never with him; our earlier visits, when he and his older brothers were still living at home, had tended not to stray far from the mummies, the hieroglyphs, and the Temple of Dendur, unless it was to check out the medieval armor and, as a sop to me, the American Wing.

Now we were two adults, with his interest in Northern Renaissance and Flemish painting far exceeding mine. His newfound passion would determine…

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The future of MetsPlus, explained.


I’ve been a Mets fan since 2006, when I was seven years old. Ever since, I’ve been following the Mets season after season, and now I’m finally getting to enjoy watching the team I love. (At least I hope….)

Now, I’ve been honored to write about Baseball since 2013. It’s hard to believe that this is the fourth season that I’ve been writing about Baseball, it seems like I just launched this blog a year ago, but it has been much longer, and I couldn’t be any more lucky.

However, I often have this desire to expand the blog into something much bigger and better. isn’t true to it’s name. It’s definitely Mets, but there is no “plus”.

I changed the name from “Pepper: Mets Blog” to “MetsPlus” in the offseason of 2014/2015, and ultimately I think it was a good call. People seemed to like the new, shorter name, and the new logo paired well, yet again, I think MetsPlus has more to it, and I’m excited to share the future that I envision for


Nothing will change this season; I’m super excited to see what the Mets can do off their best season in years, and I’m 100% committed to blogging about the 2016 team and all that comes with it.

Beyond the season, I plan to really change things up. The name might be the only thing similar to the MetsPlus of today. I plan to have the same amount of Mets as I do today, and add brand new features, some of which peak my interest, and some of which are popular topics on Twitter. The new, non-MLBlogs layout should make it easy for a reader to quickly navigate the site, blocking out the “plus” or the “Mets” depending on the readers particular interest. I plan to pilot this idea in the coming weeks with an interesting feature.

But Niko, you want to pilot this new feature on Opening Weekend?

It might not be that weekend, but I believe that it will allow readers to understand the features coming on Opening Day.

You said non-MLBlogs, so you’re leaving

That’s the plan. The uncontrollable ads, the set layout of the blog and the limitations would make it difficult to add the “Plus”.

When will we see the “Plus” added?

After the Regular Season (hopefully the postseason), I’ll “renovate” the blog. After a 2-3 week scheduled hiatus, I will re-launch the blog.

Nothing Mets will change though? 

No. At least I don’t think so. I like to think about everything I touch as “un-scripted” and flexible. At the moment, I’m a Mets fan and that’s where I can best express my opinion, just because I have other area’s of strength, my Mets knowledge won’t decrease. However, to maintain this “un-scripted” status that I give myself, I don’t want to predict what will happen a few years down the road.

Follow Niko G. on Twitter @NikoMetsPlus, additionally email him at


@Mets and MetsPlus would like to wish you…

… a happy Easter!

While you are enjoying the time with your family, have the comforting thought that Mets baseball starts in one week! 

Does Matt Reynolds have a spot on the bench?


Matt Reynolds technically made his Major League debut last year, when the Mets promoted him from the offseason to take the place of Ruben Tejada, who injured himself during Game 2 of the National League Division Series. However, the “technically” comes into play, because Reynolds never made an in-game appearance. Sure he was on the roster, but he never actually played. Still, had the Mets won the Fall Classic, he would have received a World Series Ring, just like all the other players that were a part of the 2015 Mets.

According to, Reynolds has a chance to break camp with the Mets, thanks to  Asdrubal Cabrera’s knee injury, which means he’s expected to start the year on the disabled list. Wilmer Flores is likely to open the season as the starting shortstop which allows Reynolds to serve as the backup. Again, this is all speculation and is all pending the health status of Asdrubal Cabrera. Last we heard, Cabrera had been on a bike and had done some light hitting, but no fielding or running, which means he is still extremely limited with just over a week of Spring Training left.

If Reynolds does break camp with the team, he will probably only make it to the Opening Weekend, and, considering the number of off days the Mets will have on their first week, Reynolds playing time will probably be extremely limited, and he might not get into any game action whatsoever. Unfortunately for Reynolds, the one time he has the chance to make it to the big club, he underperforms. This is easily Reynolds’ worst spring training, and while he’s not doing that on purpose, it doesn’t help his chances.




I’m Still Going To Call It The Pepsi Porch

This is a great post from “A View from the Bench”. I enjoy it because it’s what I’ve been thinking to myself all offseason, only in words.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gary Cohen calls it the Pepsi Porch during his dramatic Home run calls!

A View From The Bench

By: Paul DiSclafani

pepsi porch

It will always be the “Pepsi Porch” to me.

I’ve never called the Triboro Bridge the “RFK” bridge, have you?  Did you even know that they renamed the 59th Street Bridge after former NYC Mayor Ed Koch?  Hell, I still sometimes call Citi Field Shea Stadium…

I was awe-struck the first time I walked into Citi Field.  I went to the first event there, a St. John’s University baseball game just before the opening of the 2009 MLB season.  Everyone was there for the same reason, to bask in the glory that was now ours.  A brand, spanking new stadium!  Oh, I know everyone waxes nostalgic about Shea Stadium and it’s charm and history and all that.  But it was a dump.  It was OUR dump, but a dump none the less.

Shea had character and memories, but is also had bad plumbing and leaked when it rained.  The…

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#LinksAboutHim: Dilson Herrera

In today’s #LinksAboutHim, we take a look at Dilson Herrera, a player that many people project will be the Mets starting second baseman one day in the not to distant

  • The New York Post believes that it’s make or break time for Dilson.
  • gives us a chance to relive Dilson’s World Baseball Classic heroics.
  • Amazin’ Avenue recaps Dilson’s 2015 season, and what he can do to succeed in 2016.
  • Take a look at Herrera’s statistics over the years through this Baseball Reference page.

#Mets Lineups for 3/21

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