David Wright needs to have a healthy Spring Training.

David Wright

David Wright is the Captain of the New York Mets, but ever since he actually became the captain, he’s had arguably his least effective season. His arm is weak, and every through from third base is a challenge, his offensive production has been decreasing every year, and he has been subject to a injury during each of the last five seasons.

However, we love David Wright. He almost won the Face of MLB last year and won the year before. No one complains about David Wright’s poor production and everyone commends his for his leadership in the clubhouse, as people should. David Wright is still the Mets. 

When someone thinks about the Mets, they still say “David Wright”. (Even though the five aces are putting up stiff competition.)

So, we are pushing for David Wright, but he has to re-bound this year. He doesn’t have to re-bound to 2008 numbers, but if he can hit 275 with 15 home runs and 75 runs batted in, it would be a successful season for him.

Unfortunately, the season has started off a little weak for him, Terry Collins has said that David is “behind schedule”. Hopefully this isn’t a bad omen for 2016.



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