Spring Training doesn’t really excite me this year, and that sort of scares me.

I know I’m probably the only one feeling this, but I’m not really excited for Spring Training. This is partially due to many different circumstances, but two of the biggest ones are the fact that there isn’t one roster battle, which means that there is nothing “meaningful” about the games. However, “meaningful” battles for a fifth starter spot is not essential for an exciting Spring.

The second thing that is holding me back from counting the minutes to the first game is the fact that we were the National League Champions last year. Yes, you read that correctly.


Remember that game above? Matt Harvey’s return? That was one of the best moments that I can remember being a Mets fan, and it was a Spring Training game. This year we’ve been to the World Series, and Spring Training seems like something that means so little, and I’m anxious to head into the Regular Season.

I’m going down to Port St.Lucie later this March, and when I do, my opinion will change. I will get the Baseball Bug and get really antsy for Opening Day, but as of Today, I’m in no rush to watch Spring Training games.

Maybe the inevitable Spring Training injury that is bound to happen will spice things up.


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