February 19th, 2016

Tears of Joy: 2015 New York Mets 

Not sure how long YouTube will allow this to be up, it seems to be a straight copy and paste from MLB Network, but, enjoy it while it lasts, and if your in a foreign country with different copyright claims, your mileage may vary.

Port St.Lucie may be Beautiful, but it is Geographically Poor

One of the highlights of my year personally is always the trip we sometimes take to Port St.Lucie. For someone who has never been, Port St.Lucie is a village that revolves around the Mets. Without the Mets, Port St.Lucie is practically off the map.

Located in the southern part Eastern seaboard of Florida, Port St.Lucie is a town with a population of 160,000 plus, with the Interstate (I-95) dividing it in half.


As you can see, currently, Port St.Lucie is extremely isolated. To get there, you have to fly to West Palm Beach, which is a good hour away from Tradition Field, and once there, the only other teams nearby are about 45 minutes south in Jupiter (St.Louis and Miami), and if you have to go north, the three closest teams are Atlanta, Houston and Washington. So, beside the Phillies (who are in last place anyway), we’ve already covered the entire NL East.

We play over 50% of our games against teams in our division, which means they get an early head start against star pitchers, and honestly, I dislike that. It’s annoying to have the same teams, let alone our division rivals face us over and over again. We see the same faces, and it’s hard for our hitters and pitchers to get a good sense of what is happening around the league, and how to gauge it.

Now, we will survive playing in Port St.Lucie, we have for over 30 years now, but it would be nice if some teams decided to move on over to Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach….