February 2016

David Wright needs to have a healthy Spring Training.

David Wright

David Wright is the Captain of the New York Mets, but ever since he actually became the captain, he’s had arguably his least effective season. His arm is weak, and every through from third base is a challenge, his offensive production has been decreasing every year, and he has been subject to a injury during each of the last five seasons.

However, we love David Wright. He almost won the Face of MLB last year and won the year before. No one complains about David Wright’s poor production and everyone commends his for his leadership in the clubhouse, as people should. David Wright is still the Mets. 

When someone thinks about the Mets, they still say “David Wright”. (Even though the five aces are putting up stiff competition.)

So, we are pushing for David Wright, but he has to re-bound this year. He doesn’t have to re-bound to 2008 numbers, but if he can hit 275 with 15 home runs and 75 runs batted in, it would be a successful season for him.

Unfortunately, the season has started off a little weak for him, Terry Collins has said that David is “behind schedule”. Hopefully this isn’t a bad omen for 2016.


Spring Training doesn’t really excite me this year, and that sort of scares me.

I know I’m probably the only one feeling this, but I’m not really excited for Spring Training. This is partially due to many different circumstances, but two of the biggest ones are the fact that there isn’t one roster battle, which means that there is nothing “meaningful” about the games. However, “meaningful” battles for a fifth starter spot is not essential for an exciting Spring.

The second thing that is holding me back from counting the minutes to the first game is the fact that we were the National League Champions last year. Yes, you read that correctly.


Remember that game above? Matt Harvey’s return? That was one of the best moments that I can remember being a Mets fan, and it was a Spring Training game. This year we’ve been to the World Series, and Spring Training seems like something that means so little, and I’m anxious to head into the Regular Season.

I’m going down to Port St.Lucie later this March, and when I do, my opinion will change. I will get the Baseball Bug and get really antsy for Opening Day, but as of Today, I’m in no rush to watch Spring Training games.

Maybe the inevitable Spring Training injury that is bound to happen will spice things up.

Mets bringing back Racing Stripes as a Sunday alternate

Mets, swapping Camo for 86 Racing Stripes was the best thing you ever did.

According to the Mets official press release, “The 1986 Mets made an indelible mark on the baseball and New York sports scene, capturing the hearts of fans like few other teams,” said Mets COO Jeff Wilpon. “This 30th anniversary celebration provides our fans a way to re-connect their excitement to the historic achievements of 1986.”

If your itching to buy one, (or to stop reading this post) you can buy one at the MLB.com Fanatics Shop HERE.

Now, this is a great idea that the Mets had. Along with 1986 Weekend and Piazza Weekend, we can finally see the Mets are honoring and commemorating their roots.

The only issue I can see with the racing stripes jerseys are that they are going to look a bit ugly this year, considering MLB is adding a “tucked in” feature to the lower backs of their authentic uniforms, and, as always they have to be 100% authentic, which means the “tuck in” (which fans are dubbing the “diaper”) looks band “un-tucked”. Here’s what it looks like, according to UniWatch.


Buy and large I love the throwbacks. I might just get one, and you should too. It’s the thirtieth anniversary of the 86 Mets, and hopefully this year we will be raising a World Series trophy, just like the guys did thirty years ago.



Courtesy of Matt Dunn’s Twitter account. If this doesn’t make you excited for the season, what does???

Tears of Joy: 2015 New York Mets 

Not sure how long YouTube will allow this to be up, it seems to be a straight copy and paste from MLB Network, but, enjoy it while it lasts, and if your in a foreign country with different copyright claims, your mileage may vary.

Port St.Lucie may be Beautiful, but it is Geographically Poor

One of the highlights of my year personally is always the trip we sometimes take to Port St.Lucie. For someone who has never been, Port St.Lucie is a village that revolves around the Mets. Without the Mets, Port St.Lucie is practically off the map.

Located in the southern part Eastern seaboard of Florida, Port St.Lucie is a town with a population of 160,000 plus, with the Interstate (I-95) dividing it in half.


As you can see, currently, Port St.Lucie is extremely isolated. To get there, you have to fly to West Palm Beach, which is a good hour away from Tradition Field, and once there, the only other teams nearby are about 45 minutes south in Jupiter (St.Louis and Miami), and if you have to go north, the three closest teams are Atlanta, Houston and Washington. So, beside the Phillies (who are in last place anyway), we’ve already covered the entire NL East.

We play over 50% of our games against teams in our division, which means they get an early head start against star pitchers, and honestly, I dislike that. It’s annoying to have the same teams, let alone our division rivals face us over and over again. We see the same faces, and it’s hard for our hitters and pitchers to get a good sense of what is happening around the league, and how to gauge it.

Now, we will survive playing in Port St.Lucie, we have for over 30 years now, but it would be nice if some teams decided to move on over to Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach….

Spring Training Begins! Well, at least for the Pitchers and Catchers….


Even though most players have been in Port St.Lucie for a week, the official report date for Spring Training was today, and there is a lot of press about the Mets and what they can accomplish this season.

Isn’t it funny how there is never a cloud in the sky in Port St.Lucie??

Anyway, Baseball is in the (Flordia) air, and there is definitely a different vibe surrounding the team compared to what is usually seen this time of year, all thanks to the Mets Postseason last year. 

The only thing I’m afraid of is that all the fans are putting out “World Series or bust” expectation, and frankly, I don’t think the team is at that level, yet.

What can the Mets do to get to that level. Frankly, nothing. And I mean nothing. Every year the Mets roster gets shuffled around due to injury, if we can prevent injuries, we will be well off.


Mets Memories: Flores hits one into the PartyCity Deck

The date in July 31st, 2015. Two days after Flores was in tears for being traded, the game was tied, the Mets were down in the division, the stage was set….

Here’s the Latest man banned from Baseball:

This guy was a fool anyway….

After failing two straight drug test, Mets reliever Jenrry Mejia is now permanently banned from Major League Baseball. According to MetsBlog.com, the Mets released a statement that said “we were deeply disappointed to hear that Jenrry has again violated Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. We fully support MLB’s policy toward eliminating performance enhancing substances from the sport. As per the Joint Drug Program, we will have no further comment on this suspension.”

Mejia tested positive for the same drug he tested positive for last time, Boldenone.

At 27 years of age, this is truly an utterly embarrassing case of how not to act. As I said in the beginning, he was, simply put, a fool.


#LinksAboutHim: Michael Conforto


  • In Newsday, Marc Carig discusses how Conforto plans to use last season to his benefit.
  • Adam Rubin believes that Michael Conforto should get considerable time in right field during Spring Training, in this blog entry to ESPN.
  • New York Daily News columnist Anthony McCarron thinks it’s premature to write Conforto in as an everyday player. Read his article here
  • Consistent with my opinion, Roje Smith of RantSports is convinced that Michael will break out during the regular season.
  • Since the Mets signed Yoenis Cespedes, Tim Boyle of SportsBlog.com is worried  that Conforto might lose playing time.