Daniel Murphy will become the best Second Baseman to ever play on the Mets


As you may know, Daniel Murphy has agreed to a three year deal with the Mets biggest nemesis, the Washington Nationals.

Murphy made his debut with the Mets as a left-fielder in 2008. In his first game, in Houston, he made two amazing catches off the left field wall, and ever since, has made his way into Mets history. During his Mets career, Murphy has moved himself into 2nd place, only behind David Wright, for doubles, with 228. That’s right, more than Kranepool, Johnson, Piazza, Mookie or Keith.

The next second baseman on that doubles list is Felix Millan, with 111.

Now, baseball is not only a doubles game, but Daniel has more hits, runs, RBI’s than any other second baseman on the Mets. He also has the highest batting average of Mets second baseman’s all-time.

While the Mets previous leaders at second base weren’t the most popular names in Mets history (Wally Backman and Jeff Kent top most of the other categories), this shouldn’t undermine Murphy’s new status as the best second baseman to ever play on the Mets. That’s right. The guy that everyone but Shannon from MetsPolice wanted to trade, the guy that made so many mistakes and dumb-plays on the field, played better than any other Met in 54 years of Mets history.

But what about Edgardo Alfonso? It’s interesting. He started pretty much the same amount of games at third and at second. And while his best seasons did see him at second, I would feel hard pressed to call him a clear-cut second baseman. And, since MLB.com calls him a third baseman, I’ll call him one too. (Then again, if Alfonso was a second baseman, would that let him surpass Murphy for the best second baseman of all time? That would be close).


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