Month: January 2016

Mets “new” uniforms for Spring Training 2016

Camo is out for 2016. Once that was announced, I really didn’t think anything bad could happen. Until this: Ok. That’s not that bad. I mean, it’s the same as last year, only with that Florida Road-sign on the left side. Which is ugly. I don’t have to be a

Mike Piazza’s #31 to be retired in “Mike Piazza Weekend”

Anyone get tickets to the retirement game before the announcement was made? You are lucky if you did, because tickets are now averaging in the $400 range. Really. The Mets announced that they will retire Mike Piazza’s #31 on Saturday night, July 30 at 6:30 p.m. before the Mets host the

Does Mike Piazza connect to Transcendentalism? I didn’t think so either…

Last month, in my school, we were tasked with connecting a real-world example to transcendentalism. My teacher recommended that I attempt to connect it to Mike Piazza, which I thought would be an interesting spin. I chose Emerson’s “Self-Reliance”, and as I soon figured out, there are various links between the text

Queens Baseball Convention 2016 Cancelled, refunds to be issued

This is a real shame: The Queens Baseball Convention, entering it’s third year, was cancelled due to the snow storm that is set to come in this weekend. Obviously, no one wanted this to happen, but safety is a priority in everyone’s mind, and unfortunately, this priority had to force

The7Line Army Opening Day Tickets go on sale January 28th

Opening Day tickets available 1/28 at 8pm. Set an alarm. Tailgate party with @PIGGUYNYC. Ticket/tshirt/tailgate. — The 7 Line (@The7Line) January 17, 2016 After the successful sale of their “Season Tickets”, The7Line Army will be releasing the remaining 360 seats for Opening Day. Mets fans that manage to claim

What value does David Wright bring to the Mets?

Ok, I’m not even going to pretend to build up suspense for this one. The answer is a lot. David Wright is quintessential to the Mets, and will be for the foreseeable future. David Wright made his Mets debut on my fifth birthday. July 21st, 2004. A day in Mets history that few

2015 Top 100

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Spring Training is just around the corner with the first pitchers and catchers set to report on Feb. 17, and everyone has big goals for 2016 in Major League Baseball. Here’s something you might want to set as a goal for yourself: making the…

Mike Piazza Career Highlights

Poll: While we all know, will Mike Piazza make it into the Hall of Fame today?

#MetsPlus poll: While we all know the answer, will Mike Piazza make it into the @BaseballHall? — Niko Goutakolis (@NikoGoutakolis) January 6, 2016

Daniel Murphy will become the best Second Baseman to ever play on the Mets

As you may know, Daniel Murphy has agreed to a three year deal with the Mets biggest nemesis, the Washington Nationals. Murphy made his debut with the Mets as a left-fielder in 2008. In his first game, in Houston, he made two amazing catches off the left field wall, and

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