David Wright to become last player from Shea Stadium if Parnell & Murphy don’t re-sign


This makes me feel old.

With the trade of Jon Niese, David Wright becomes the last signed player that played a game in Shea Stadium. Of course, Wright didn’t just play a few games. He played four and a half full seasons in the Mets classic home. Wright put up his best numbers in Shea, numbers that many proclaim he will never come close to again.

Of course, there are still some hopes for some more Mets from the Shea era. One of the players that has ties to Shea is Daniel Murphy, who made his debut in August of 2008. However, with the additions of Cabrera and Walker, the Mets aren’t even looking at Murphy.

The other option is Bobby Parnell, who many forget made his debut in late September of 2008. Parnell is a free agent, but id healthy, he could become a important asset to a questionable bullpen other than Familia.

Yes, Shea closed back in 2008, but that doesn’t feel like that long ago. I still remember going walking the Subway ramp to our gate, and walking down the stadium ramp seeing Mr.Met thanking me as I leave….



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