Coca-Cola products to replace Pepsi at Citi Field


A few weeks ago, we reported that the Pepsi Porch will no longer be sponsored by Pepsi. What we didn’t know, however, was that the entire line of Pepsi products will be leaving Citi Field in favor of the Coca Cola family of products, some of which, are featured above. Mr.Met and the “Coca Cola Polar Bear” made it official a few days ago, in what will be the only sponsorship changes that fans will actually notice when the head on out for a Met game.


For one thing, the iconic “Pepsi-Cola” right field sign is out, which is a signature landmark in any Citi Field photo. But, a Coca-Cola sign wouldn’t look that much different. Next, there is the fact that we won’t have Aquafina water anymore, which sounds silly, but from a guy that hasn’t tried a carbonated drink in my sixteen year life, I know good water and bad water.

Aquafina – GOOD

Dasani – BAD (Unless if they bring in those lemon waters….)

Again, it’s not the biggest deal in the world, but the Daniel Murphy and Jon Niese-less Mets are starting to become more foreign from a team that hasn’t changed much in the last seven years.


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