Official: Mets trade for Neil Walker

Jon Niese’s Mets carrer is officially over, at least for now. Oh and while we are at it, so is Daniel Murphy’s. Again, for now. Why have there Mets careers come to a early end? Well, if you missed the earlier news, skipped the title and are confused by the image below, Jon Niese was traded to the Pirates for Neil Walker.


I never saw this deal coming, and while it was a total steal, it will be sad to see Niese and Murphy go. Niese and Murphy were two of four active players on the Mets that had played as a Met back at Shea, with Parnell (also a free agent) and Wright being the other two. Here’s a tweet I sent out on that fact:

Now, let me say this again: Neil Walker for Jon Niese was a steal. Niese is not a great pitcher, and if anything he is on the decline, not an incline, whereas Walker (yes, he’s a position player) is a consistent 270 hitter with 20 home runs and 75+ runs batted in, and while power numbers don’t always convert over to Citi Field, contact numbers, like Walker’s do.

Honestly, I’m surprised that the Pirates made this deal. To me, it is so one sided. It’s not even questionable. I would love to know what they saw in Niese, or, didn’t see in Walker.


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