#MetsPlusMeetings Inbox #1

Today, I arrived in Nashville, Tennessee, for the MLB Winter Meetings. Earlier in the day, I placed a call to the fans for inbox questions. 

Opryland fake tree 44

1. Frank C. via email – Will Alderson’s absence hinder the Mets winter meetings plans?

While no one likes to talk about something else when there is a health issue, many have been asking this exact question. I honestly believe that the “action packed – no holding back” week that we were going to have will be toned down. (Frankly, I don’t think we were going to have that week even if Sandy was down here).

2. @George2gman – How is the mood there Niko? Any activity as far as meetings in the hallways etc?

To be honest there has been little to no action. I’ve seen the executives, some GM’s and recognizable TV personalities, but since the meetings don’t officially start for two more days, I haven’t seen guys in suits frantically picking up cell phones.

3. Ed E. – Who will the Mets get during the week [of the winter meetings]? 

I would be surprised if the Mets picked up a household name this week. If I was in charge of the Mets, I would look for a durable reliever, yet that market is surprisingly thin at a cheaper price point, something that used to be in prosperity. 


Stay tuned for more updates on twitter @NikoMetsPlus


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