December 1st, 2015

I’ll be at the Winter Meetings this weekend!


I was given an amazing opportunity this pass season by holding press credentials to various Minor League Games, from short season A all the way up to Triple-A. I’ve taken off for the majority of November, and I’m fresh and ready to go. As luck would have it, the day I get ready to get back into the swing, the hot stove starts to get, well, hot.

It’s these days I wish I still did the Pepper Show. Those of you MetsPlus/Pepper loyalists, might remember the show that we did. We did 22 episodes in what we called “Season 1”. If your interested in watch those episodes (even though they mainly cover 2013/14 offseason news), you can watch them on YouTube here.

Anyway, another big step for me will be the MLB Winter Meetings that I’m going to (partially) attend. I will be at the Gaylord hotel throughout the weekend and on Monday, but will be leaving on Tuesday and won’t be there on Wednesday. Still the two days I’m there will be enough time to get a few interviews and chat with reporters.

If anyone will be there, I would love to speak to you about the offseason and the Mets. You could email me at