I’ll be back (and so will the Mets)


Writing something that people want to read is no easy task. In fact it is extremely difficult to do. I started what was then known as Pepper in 2013, and, two years later, I’m still having a great time. And while I look forward to my third season and fourth postseason writing on MetsPlus, I’m having a hard time thinking about what would make this blog exciting, and a better read for you.

This blog isn’t a daily blog that people come on to check the latest updates and rumors, and frankly I don’t think that the best blogs out there like JustMets and MetsBlog are anymore. Twitter has replaced that. Anything that can be expressed in under 140 characters, like a photo or a quick thought is better captured on Twitter because it is a platform that everyone is on.

So, I’m going to go to the Winter Meetings next week, I’m going to do my thing, share some thoughts on the blog, and then pause to find the best direction for my blog. It will also be beneficial to myself. This isn’t a for-sure thing, it’s just the feeling I have at 1:2o on a cold Saturday afternoon.

MetsPlus is a fun way for me to express my thoughts on the Mets and pass them on to anyone who wants to read them. It’s not the best sports blog out there and most probably never will be. But is that important? What is writing if it’s only about statistics and page views?

There are terrible blogs out there that provide no insight, that male you feel tricked when you clicked on their made-you-look advertisement link, and since they are so popular, quality is compromised. On the flip side, there are A+ caliber writers that get no recognition because they write on a Google Blogger page with a bag url, and barely get 5-10 page views a day. Why should a writer like that care? Because he won’t have any motivation to continue writing, and most probably will stop once he sees this.

I’m not sure where I am in this twisted and convoluted game.

Technology continues to evolve and change the way we express information. I’m lucky enough to have a good following of some kind, and I truly appreciate it. I’ve given away hats, t-shirts, bobble heads, all for the enjoyment of you. Yet that’s not enough, and I’m never going to argue that it is. So Happy Thanksgiving, have a nice relaxing weekend and get ready for 2016. Let’s hope the year takes us somewhere good.



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