Mets to begin and end season on the road in 2016


While it is only November, we can’t help ourselves by looking ahead to 2016. Opening Day for the 2016 season is on April 4th. The Mets will be opening the season on the road in Kansas City, facing the same team they ended their season with this year in the World Series. After 161 games, the Mets will wrap up the regular season in Philly on October 2nd.

While we will still play 81 home games, we don’t get to say hello or goodbye to the Mets in 2016. This is the first time this has happened since 2006, and the first time we haven’t ended the season at home since 2006 with the exception of 2012, when we ended the season at Miami.

I honestly don’t really care about this, but I would prefer that we at least get Opening Day or Game 162. Even though it is meaningless, Opening Day means more then the “Home Opener”.

Anyway, I have more important things to talk about Mets-wise. Let’s Go Mets….



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